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Qualified, Verified, 100% REAL Leads

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Drive as many leads to your email list. Build your niche list FAST, EASY, and SECURE.

100% Targeted Leads

Generating 100% targeted leads in the health-and-wellness, work-from-home, hosting, and dating niche.

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Some of the Benifits Include...

  • Instant Setup, Made Easy

    We isolate consumers and key business decision makers who have conented and requested to receive information about your product offers.

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  • Micro-Target Your Audience

    Email List Direct has the ability to micro-target your desired audience through targeted email lists.

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  • Grow Your Dot Com

    Our database is one of the largest on the market today, containing information on more than 190 million consumers and 18 million businesses.

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  • We Do The Research

    Our comprehensive research offers an unmatched range of demographics, geographics, and lifestyle selectivity to help you zero in on the right prospects!

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